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I love clothing. I love what we can do with apparel when we choose to pay attention. Clothes can transform us into whom we want to become with attention to detail or leave us stuck, resolved to live each day as the other. For years I specialized in large-scale uniform program installation. I have witnessed the instantaneous response of putting on a uniform. The sense of purpose and position conveyed, in posture and behavior, was a spontaneous result.  What we wear has the power to transform us by creating a different profile. It gives us options.

I created a thriving consulting practice in the Pacific Northwest, working with prominent executives, government officials, and entrepreneurs while raising a family. Working with individuals to develop and refine their style is deeply satisfying. Using a systematized process to reveal the individual’s unique style profile, I am able to identify their best options to boost personal presence immediately.

I have volunteered for office hours at the University of Washington, Foster School of Business, for the past five years. This dedicated time brings me value through interacting with upcoming leaders. Little did we know a pandemic would change our lives and communication style, eroding professional appearance traditions while elevating personal style to a visual signature.

It led me to create an immersive online class, TheProfile MBA, specifically for MBA students to become aware of their ability to refine and direct a visual imprint. Whether it is an interview or another sensitive situation, it is about the confidence we bring to it.  Clarifying our intention through appearance creates a sense of purpose that stands out in a crowded field.

My next career reinvention is to provide more online classes that answer style development questions through individual self-assessment rather than general opinion.  When style communicates the principles of our personality, in any setting, our bodies radiate confidence, we are more attractive, opportunities appear, effort becomes effortless. We magnetize ourselves.

Creating more access through the internet allows me to share my passion for style transformation while traveling with my husband.